Benvenuto to Edmonton’s Italian District

Viva Italia is a diverse Edmonton neighbourhood bursting with the charm and flavours of Europe. While the area’s heritage is steeped in Italian culture, a mix of ethnic and cultural backgrounds make walking and shopping around the district a curious and distinctive adventure.

Stroll the quaint sidewalks and discover unique shops and restaurants offering a mix of old world charm and contemporary amenities. Think hundreds of bottles of olive oil, cappuccino (made the right way), exuberantly told stories around each corner, European-style hand-tied flower bouquets and more tomatoes than you can imagine! Think loud soccer games, a deli that can’t be beat, street festivals that can’t be beat, hotly debated issues of the day and oh, did we mention the food? Sip a latte while the kids play in Giovanni Caboto Park by the old-world fountain or dine on a variety of authentic cuisines.

Check out the map below for an overview of the neighbourhood.

There is something for the whole family in Little Italy.


Area Map



Local businesses established Viva Italia District Association as its own distinct association in 2014 to develop and promote the spirit of community along Edmonton’s 95 Street. Formerly part of the Chinatown Little Italy Business Revitalization Zone, the association now focuses its efforts on specifically promoting and celebrating the Little Italy streetscape.

Long known for its anchor store, the Italian Centre Shop, this neighbourhood is experiencing a strong revitalization. New businesses and restaurants are moving to 95 Street to capitalize on the distinctly European character that has flourished here since 1959.

Those longing for a taste of Europe need only stroll 95 Street to feel enveloped by the warmth and charm of the local shops and restaurants.

Giovanni Caboto Park sits at the heart of Little Italy and is truly community gathering place. The statue of one of the area’s first entrepreneurs, Frank Spinelli plays cards in Giovanni Caboto Park, always with room for friends. There’s the summer spray park and playground that brings community members and visitors alike out to enjoy Little Italy’s best green space. Gorgeous towering elm trees dot the park, creating shade on a sunny day, and the perfect place for a picnic. All the amenities are nearby, so pick up lunch and join us!

Board of Directors

For further information about Viva Italia, please contact Ken Bregenser at Zocalo, 780-428-0754 or Teresa Spinelli at the Italian Centre, 780-424-4869.


Viva Italia’s business district is growing, with new shops and restaurants opening to present you with a world of experiences.
Here is a list of current businesses along 95 Street, between 108 Avenue and 105 Avenue.

Abyssinia Ethopian Restaurant
10810 – 95 Street – (780)756-8902

Acupuncture Massage
10711A – 95 Street – (780) 910-7558

B & R Auto Service
9504 – 106 Avenue – (780) 429-4457

Boyle McCauley Denture Clinic
10815A – 95 Street – (780) 425-8471

Boyle McCauley Pharmacy & Home Health Care
10817 – 95 Street – (780) 705-6333

Brew for Less
10746 – 95 Street – (780) 426-6046, 422-0488, Fax: (780) 425-2366

Going Places Travel Group Inc.
10720 – 95 Street – (780) 414-6389, Fax: (780) 424-1549

Italian Canadian Meats
10757 – 95 Street – (780) 422-6473

Italian Centre Shop
10878 – 95 Street – (780) 424-4869, (780) 993-4869

10803 – 95 Street – (780) 761-2272

La Dolce Vita Cafe & Bar
10831 – 95 Street – (780) 421-0226

Mark Joe’s BBQ
10825 – 95 Street

Myocare Massage & Spa
10720B – 95 Street – (780) 420-1012

Neumann Plumbing (1979)
10640 – 95 Street – (780) 429-0295

Quasar Bottle Depot
9510 – 105 Avenue – (780) 424-9446

Plaza 95 Convenience Store
10825 – 95 Street

Santos RestoLounge
10821 – 95 Street – (780) 421-1507

10844 – 95 Street – (780) 425-0960

Spinelli Bar Italia
10850 – 95 Street – 780) 424-8259

T. K. Shapers Hair Styling
10803 – 95 Street – (780) 420-0458

Venetian Barber Shop
10816A – 95 Street – (780) 423-1235

Viphalay Laos & Thai Restaurant
10724 – 95 Street – (780) 423-3213

10826 – 95 Street – (780) 428-0754

News and Events

The Viva Italia District has a real sense of community, and annual events organized by residents and businesses attract visitors from all over. Join the celebrations!

Events Happening Now:

AUGUST 28: VIVA ITALIA, VIVA EDMONTON! A Celebration of Italy in Edmonton’s Little Italy!

Viva Italia Edmonton 2016

The Associazione Giovani Italiani di Edmonton presents: Viva Italia Viva Edmonton – The Italian Festival!

Be Italian For A Day. Enjoy Food, Drinks, and Entertainment all in one day at Giovanni Caboto Park in Little Italy.

For more information see the AGIE website or the Facebook event here.

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Ken – 780-428-0754
Teresa – 780-424-4869


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