Viva Italia Edmonton




Category: Restaurants / Cafe

Category: Specialty

10826 - 95 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 2E3

[email protected]

Business Hours

Monday - Wednesday: 9AM - 6PM
Thursday - Friday: 9AM - 8PM
Saturday: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 11AM - 5PM

Gallery of Courtyard Surprises

Zocalo features a genuine espresso bar, funky fresh-cut flowers, select indoor and outdoor plants, decorative and clever vases, indoor and outdoor pots, unique gifts, and eclectic décor items.

Since 2003, you’ll find an array of local, national, and international surprises that touch on simple courtyard, garden, and entertaining pleasures.

Literally, a “zócalo” is a public square. In Mexico, these squares are central to the city’s social life. Lined with trees and park benches, these public courtyards are buzzing with activity and life. So, too, is Canada’s first zocalo, tucked away in Little Italy in Edmonton, Alberta.

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